Thursday, July 19, 2007

Leave a Good-Looking Corpse

A lot of our "reading" of Mexican newspapers actually involves flipping though the pages and looking at the pictures. So it was kind of a shock to see that the papers in Oaxaca routinely run morgue photos like these ones at left of two women killed in a car crash. (This is from the ironically-named [to judge from its coverage of the riots] El Imparcial, but other papers there do it, too.) Coming from a country where a bloody four-year-long war has yielded not a single dead or injured person, it's a little odd to see a dead kid's autopsy photos published in the paper as a matter of course. Possibly a little too much information, really. So if you're driving in Oaxaca, don't get behind the wheel unless you're clean-shaven and well-groomed.

Even in places (like Queretaro) where there's a little more discretion involving corpse-shots, it's amazing how many column inches are devoted to car crashes. Every reporter here seems to approach the story as if no car had ever been in an accident before, and they've uncovered some previously unknown threat lurking in our trusted vehicles. Could you be next...?


Anonymous said...

Why do sporty cars in Mexico always end up halfway underneath the trucks and larger cars that were in front of them? Maybe these kind of photo ops could be used effectively in places where driving while reading or text messaging seems to be the latest rage in the burbs of NY, where there were several fatal accidents this week alone (not to mention a friend's underage and drunk daughter taking a flyer over a few boulders that actually saved her life). Perhaps seeing someone photographed stone cold might gives pause to those in the way-too-fast-and-gonna-live-forever lane.

Burro Hall said...

You're opposed to people who text-message while driving being wiped out before they can reproduce? Why?