Monday, July 02, 2007

Look Back In Anger

Today's the one-year anniversary of the Great Contested Election of 2006, in which democracy either triumphed or got mugged, depending on your political leanings. I haven't seen anything to convince me the election was stolen (I mean, sure there was fraud - Hello? It's Mexico - but was that the deciding factor?) But then, given the history, the razor-thin margin of victory, and the lack of a full vote-by-vote recount, I haven't seen any evidence that it wasn't stolen, either.

In the race for the best losing candidate, though, Manuel Lopez Obrador is crushing Al Gore by about ten to one. Gore had more than six years to ponder a book title, and what does he come up with? "The Assault on Reason." I get thirsty just saying it. Obrador, on the other hand, hit the stands in just eleven months with an election memoir called, this is true, "The Mafia Robbed Us of the Presidency." Now that's straight talk. God, I wish I knew how read it.

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