Friday, July 20, 2007

Los Simpson Movie

The good news: I'll have the theater to myself.

Latin American fans are complaining. A group of fans of The Simpsons is using Fox's official forum of The Simpsons Movie - to ask the Simpsons fans around the world to boycott the movie.
The bad news: I won't understand a word of it.
The complaints are about the decision of the movie's producers about the voices used in the Spanish dubbing for Latin America - the voices that characterized the series in the first 15 seasons, won't be in the movie. Those voices are famous in all Latin America,

Anyway, there you have it - people all over the world are asked to boycott the Simpsons movie because the Latin American actors who ruin the tv series with their overdubbing have been replaced with different Latin American actors who will ruin the movie with slightly different overdubbing.

The inability of the Latin American audience to hear the proper Simpsons voices breaks my heart. I'm thinking of starting a nonprofit charity devoted to subtitling, rather than dubbing, the series. For just 8 cents a day, you can keep a Bolivian child laughing. Won't you help us?


Anonymous said...

I like the old simpsons voices in spanish, they where great, by the way in the US you all hate subtitles and love bad dubbing more than in Mexico or Latin America, in Mexico cartoons and children movies as on the air movies are dubed while cable tv and movies in theaters are not. In the US if there is a movie in a foreign language nobody wants to go, only if is dubbed.

Burro Hall said...

One thing we do love is any sentence that begins, "In the US you all..." and then proceeds to explain exactly what all 300 million of us are like.