Sunday, July 15, 2007


Given the way Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on principle he's ever held, it's only a matter of time before he converts to Protestantism, so we haven't bothered to learn to much about Mormonism. But we do know this much: it's a deeply, deeply silly religion. That's not a criticism; we like that in a religion.

Mormons actually believe that the tribes of Israel hailed from Mexico and Central America, where they built the great Mayan temples and cities before setting sail for the Middle East. Archeologists - meaning people who actually, y'know, went to college for this stuff - don't even know where to begin punching holes in this nonsense, but that hasn't deterred the Mormons from bringing the crazy: also on the list of Who's Who in Mexico: Jesus Christ. Apparently he dropped in for some preachin' shortly after the resurrection. This is something the Tousit Board is not pushing hard enough, if you ask us.

But then, Mormonism is a lot like other religions in one respect: there's always someone willing to make a buck by bilking the faithful.

For the world's 13 million Mormons, the ruins of Mexico and Central America are hallowed ground, a place where Old Testament tribes settled after traveling across the ocean and where Jesus came to preach after his Resurrection. Although archaeologists say there is scant evidence to back up such beliefs, a growing number of travelers are paying thousands of dollars to search for connections on Mormon-themed tours and cruises.

...The trips have become more popular as roads and air links improve, making once-remote ruins easier to get to, organizers say. But they are pricey, with some trips stretching for 21 days and costing more than $4,200, not including airfare.

Burro Hall hereby offers a $100 reward to the first reporter who asks the Mittster about the whole Jesus-in Mexico thing. Look for him to pander hard for the hispanic vote.

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