Sunday, July 22, 2007

Multum in Parvo

This is our next door neighbor, Socrates, who as you can see is a German Shepherd ("pastor aleman" they're called here). They're terrific animals, great for guarding death camps or keeping black folks off the Edmund Pettis Bridge. A favorite of kind-hearted animal lovers everywhere. Socrates probably means well, but spending his whole life confined to the roof of his house has made him a little meshugga, and he barks about 16 hours a day (not all in row). We alternate between wanting to shoot him out of pity, and wanting to shoot him out of anger.

One thing is certain, though: if he wanted to, he could devour our little powder-puff of a perro in a single bite, without even bothering to spit out the bones. Yet every morning, when I take him out for a walk, the little fluffball goes charging straight for the neighbor's front door, which he then tries to chew his way through so he can get upstairs, grab the German Shepherd by the tail, swing him around in great helicoptering motions and fling him over the horizon. "Say hello to the Kaiser for me..."

There's only room for one meshugga killing machine on this block. Luckily, the door is made of metal.

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Anonymous said...

I'm betting on Jesus! I've seen him in action and that sissy German Shepard better watch out!


Give him an extra carrot from me.