Friday, July 20, 2007

"Of Course, We Could Get the Money. But It Would Be Wrong"

This picture is from the front page of El Universal today. The Mexican police have finally come up with an excellent plan to but an end to the endemic corruption that has made such a joke of that institution: cops will now wear pins saying "I don't take bribes." See? Problem solved! Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Update:Here's an English article. There's more to this campaign that just buttons:

Many drivers also find it easier to pay a bribe than to deal with tickets. The city government wants to change that by offering officers promotions and supermarket vouchers for reporting bribe offers.

So they're bribing them to stop taking bribes. Brilliant! And then there's this:
The government is handing car owners windshield stickers saying "I don't pay bribes" as part of the program.

Because when you get pulled over by a cop, nothing gets you off on the right foot like a show of defiance in which you imply that the officer is probably corrupt. Why not a windshield sticker that says "Hey, pig! You're too much of a pussy to use that billy club, aren't you?"


That sometimes confused Mexfiles guy said...

It's easy to make fun of, but one of the best things the Lopez Obradór administration did was LOWER traffic fines which meant the city collected more because it just wasn't worth the driver's trouble to bribe their way out.

That, and making the parking ticket a bank deposit slip wasn't as nuts as it seemed.

Burro Hall said...

Oh, I agree completely, Generally I'm of the opinion that handing out traffic violations in Mexico City makes about as much sense as handing them out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hell, I'm from Boston and I won't drive in the DF.

Anonymous said...

The problem is soo deep that even with the sticker the car driver will offer the bribe to the officer with the pin. That is just the way chilangos think, they think that is perfectly fine.

I travel a lot to Mexico City, and they always complain everytime somebody try to enforce the law, they simply don't like the law.