Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Tree Falls

Alberto Verde Olvera, a legal immigrant worker from San Juan del Rio, Querétaro, died Friday morning in Memphis, TN, after falling off a building where he was working as a welder. He'd been in the US six months, working for a contractor in Little Rock. "He went to the US in order to help his father, who suffered from high blood pressure. The jobs that they offered him [here] didn't pay enough to buy medicine, so he took the job with the contractor and went to 'the other side,'" said his cousin Mariela. Olvera will be the eighth corpse returned to San Juan in the past 10 months.

We only know this because, here, the death of an uneducated welder 2,000 miles away gets a three column, front page, above-the-fold headline - "Queretano Dies In US" - while, on "the other side," not a single newspaper, including the Memphis Commercial Appeal, even mentions the accident, let alone Olvera by name.

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Anonymous said...

Why would they mention him? Is he related to Anna Nicole Smith? Lohan? Britney? Paris?