Friday, July 13, 2007

War Is Over!

That aroma you're smelling is a combination of soap, shampoo, a clean dog, and bacon sizzling on the gridle. The gas has been returned, the terrorists defeated. Let freedom reign.

I was going to write a snarky little thing contrasting the Mexican and American responses to el terrorismo, noting how Mexico has not yet suspended the constitution, consolidated unlimited powers in the chief executive or, for that matter, invaded a weak oil-rich nation that had nothing to do with the attacks (I'm thinking Equatorial Guinea, by the way). Then I saw this in El Universal yesterday:

The defense department has mobilized the elite units of the Federal Support Forces (CFAF), which were created May 9 and are under the direct orders of the president of the Republic..."

Uh, wha...? I confess to being completely baffled by the military and/or law enforcement bureaucracies here (in Queretaro we appear to have about four different police departments, for example) but there's a brand-new elite commando unit that operates domestically and answers directly to the president? Really?

Now that I've had a hot shower, I'm much more inclined to give the guerrillas a fair hearing. They just may have a point...

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