Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Latin Amerika

About once a month or so our parents very kindly Fedex us a package full of our forwarded mail - allowing us never to miss a mail-order catalog, jury summons, or an incredible opportunity to get 0% APR financing.

Usually the package arrives having been opened, its contents carefully tallied, and customs charges arbitrarily applied. It seems to be five bucks no matter what's actually in the box, and since everyone here gets a rakeoff on something, we just kind of figured, you know, whatever. Today the package arrives and, for the first time, about half of the actual letters inside had been opened. Now, we can understand the customs department opening the box - someone's got to be the first person in history to ship illegal drugs into Mexico, why not our parents? - but why are they opening my credit card bills? Fedex insists that they have nothing to do with the "inspection process," so its all in the hands of the government. (And no, no one in the US to whom we have sent a Fedex has ever had it opened.)

Just something to keep in mind if you're ever mailing us stuff. We don't know what's up with this place. It was all so idyllic, and now there's a SWAT team on my street and the government is reading my mail. We could have just stayed in New York.


Anonymous said...

Cheney must be on your case.

Jorge Arturo said...

I once receive a package from the USA and it said with a seal "Inspected by the US Authority of ...."
They opened the package before leaving the US.