Monday, July 02, 2007

Working Gal

And we're back. Well, just me, actually. Three days alone with me in Mexico City was enough to make the Missus flee the country. She should be back at the end of the week.

Of course, my intolerability is only part of the reason. Believe it or not, she's up there for work. For 15 years she had a government job and, try is I may, I never had any idea what it actually entailed. Well now she's got a private sector job doing roughly the same thing, whatever it may be. She'll generally be working from home, but I'm insisting she wear a suit just the same.

It's a terrible, terrible blow to the Mexican bonbon and soap opera industries, but good news here at Burro Hall, insofar as it means I will never have to work again.

The trip to Mexico City was quite nice, by the way - yes, it's a horrific, sprawling megalopolis, but they have fresh fish. If you're thinking of staying at the Hotel Hippodrome, though, you might want to give them a few months to work out some of the kinks. Here's how this stuff works. The hotel is located a few doors down from the Mexico City bureau of a certain major Manhattan-based newspaper. That newspaper calls it "much-anticpated" in a travel article. Presumably it's much-anticpated by the bureau staff because it's got a fantastic restaurant run by the same people who do Pampano in New York. We see said article, call the hotel, and book a suite.

Upon arrival, though, we're told that we can't have our room because it's not ready. This is where the language barrier comes into play. I don't care if it's ready, I just want to drop my bags, wash my face, and head out for some lunch - so what if the bed's not made? Eventually it becomes obvious that what they mean by "not ready" is that it had not yet been built. Maybe that's the "much-anticipated" part. Anyway, they were really nice about it and gave us dinner on the house at the restaurant, which was every bit as fabulous as a foreign correspondent on an expense account could want.

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