Friday, August 10, 2007

All Thumbs

The utterly inconsequential ethanol-lobby pander-thon known as the Iowa Straw Poll kicks off tomorrow, and Republicans are taking the opportunity to pay tribute to another utterly inconsequential election:

Voters at the Straw Poll will dip their thumb in purple ink to indicate they have cast their ballot. "We recognize the great privilege of voting by tipping our hat to the Iraqi people who cast their first votes in a free and democratic election," [Chuck Laudner, head of the Iowa GOP] explained. "Iowans will be just as proud to display their inked thumb as the newly liberated Iraqi people were."

Iraqis proudly displaying their "thumbs":

More here.

I mean, these guys just fuck everything up, don't they? Hey, fellas, be careful not to step in any shinola on the way to the polls.

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