Friday, August 10, 2007

Ay! Mi Mine

You probably know that three of the six miners trapped (and, if we're wagering, dead) at the bottom of Murray Energy's Utah coal mine are Mexican, so the story's getting a lot of play here. The company has been trying to keep the miner's names secret, even though their families already know, but they've been reported widely in the press, leading Robert Murray, owner of the mine and one of the most cretinous walking indictments of capitalism to emerge in the post-robber baron era, to lash out at the real culprits:

"I don't want the families, who are going through a difficult ordeal right now, to be bothered by you reporters!"

Y'know what, Bob? I'm guessing that what's really bothering them right now is that their loved ones are being slowly suffocated to death in your unsafe, union-free coal mine. They might also be bothered by Bob Murray's imperious, high-handed attitude.
Maria Buenrostro, whose brother Manuel Sanchez is one of the trapped miners, told the Associated Press that Murray got angry with relatives' questions and walked out of a meeting. She added that there was no interpreter provided for three Spanish-speaking families.

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