Saturday, August 11, 2007


On Thursday night some crazy chick went into the multiplex cinema with a corrugated cardboard box full of wires, and demanded $50,000 or she'd blow the place up. The local papers, as if to demonstrate just how crappy crappy reporting can be, have devoted several column inches to the evacuation routes followed by the patrons, which movies were screening (mostly kids stuff, with "The Simpsons" on three screens at once), and the various state and federal agencies that responded.

What isn't mentioned - or even hinted at - is how the bomb scare was discovered to be just a "scare," or how the whole thing came to an end. One minute, kids were fleeing the theater. And then it was over. Now sports. Today, a second round of stories omits the same information. Meanwhile, a local legislator is suggesting that phone calls be monitored because, well it's not clear why, but he's sure it'll keep such a thing from happening again. And the spokesman for the Diocese of Queretaro called a press conference to voice his opposition to fake bomb threats, which we'll just file under "D" for "duly noted."

Speaking of the Simpsons, we finally watched it on a cruddy bootleg DVD, with the idea that we'd understand it better if we could start and stop at will. I believe the plot involved a pig of some kind?

Also speaking of the Simpsons, as far as evil corporate tie-ins go, the Simpsonize Me website is reasonably cool. Here's the Missus and me:


Anonymous said...

It's been a while. You two look great (considering your ages)!


Burro Hall said...

Well, cartooning takes off about a decade.