Friday, August 03, 2007

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

So I guess if we're keeping a list of Things We Could Have Done With the Half-Trillion Bucks We Flushed Down the Toilet in Iraq, "Shore up our crumbling infrastructure" just moved up near the top. (We're joking, of course - we know these clowns would have just blown it all on space-based antimissile lasers and tax cuts for plutocrats.)

But on the list of Jobs We Prefer to Have Mexicans Do Instead of Us, we can now add "Getting crushed by collapsing bridges." Fully 25% of the victims - okay, so that's one out of a current total of four - were Mexican immigrants. Specifically, Artemio Trinidad-Mena, age 29, from Guerrero. The Mexican papers are full of news about Trinidad-Mena and "bus hero" Jeremy Hernandez, whose Mexican heritage has gone unremarked in the US press, but not here. Whatever the Mexican equivalent of knighthood is, Hernandez if surely next in line.

Things aren't going so well for Mena's widow, Abundia Martinez. She's made a public plea for financial assistance because she can't afford to send Artemio's remains back to Mexico. She'd also like some legal advice regarding her "paperwork problems"; she and her baby are in Minneapolis illegally (it's a little unclear, but I think her husband was legal). Lots of illegals die in the US, of course, but mostly anonymously (like this Querétaro woman, María Juanita Reséndiz Pérez, found dead in the Arizona desert last month, her still-living 10-year-old son "clinging to her body.") Probably the worst thing that can happen to an illegal alien is for their spouse to die in an extremely public, attention-attracting way. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes for the Lou Dobbs/Minutemen crowd to set up camp on her front lawn demanding that she be kicked out of the country.

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