Friday, August 03, 2007

Free Stuff!

For those of you who have been holding off on reading City Adrift until you can steal it online for free - and there can't be too many of you, since that bad boy is currently perched at #459,590 on the Amazon bestseller list, making it the 459,583rd best-selling non-Harry Potter book in the world - your pitiful miserliness has finally paid off.

You can now search inside the book on Amazon! Since our Research Dept. reports that 88% of this site's readers are related to me, you can just skip to page 111 to skim my modest 12-page contribution (c'mon, we all know you'll just skim it - my own wife hasn't read it, and she's got ten hardcover copies of the thing sitting in her living room.) Amazon only lets you read 3 pages at a time, though, so you have to re-search my name four times - a small price to pay for saving $15.61.

And if you've already shelled out $15.61 (or, God forbid, $22.95!), well...ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

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