Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Hero to Most

Elvis Presley, the American Frida Kahlo, ascended bodily into Heaven 30 years ago today (his body having made a brief detour to bathroom of his Tennessee mansion, in order to bloat to death on the crapper.) We were perusing the King's movie catalog recently and we see that he made at least two Mexican-themed films - neither of which he actually filmed in Mexico. Fun in Acapulco is one of those movies whose title pretty much gives away the entire narrative arc. Here's a couple of musical clips (Parental Advisory: Contains cliff diving). The movie is set during Acapulco's "fun" period, a few decades before the drug cartels began leaving severed heads all over the place.

His other Mexflick was Charro!, one of his few non-singing movies, in which he plays an outlaw being framed for stealing a canon from the Mexican Army (something we're not sure is actually a crime in Arizona, where the movie is set.) We can't find any clips online, but judging from the photos you can just watch The Outlaw Josey Wales and get the whole idea.

And because everything here is really All About Us...Elvis' love interest in Charro! is played by the late Ina Balin, whose daughter is a good friend of ours, who when we lived in New York would take care of the perrito for weeks at a time if we were travelling. So there you have it. Our dog, and Elvis Presley: three degrees of separation.


Anonymous said...

But he didn't mean shit to me. Fight the powers that be.

Burro Hall said...

Yeah. Motherfuck him and John Wayne.