Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hitting Bottom

In case anyone needed more proof that Mexican immigrants are at the absolute bottom of America's socio-economic food chain, the AP reports that American Indians (seen here bilking the White Man out of $24 in baubles and beads back in the day) have been conning Mexicans with a get-legal-quick scheme:

OMAHA - For prices starting at $50, two Indian tribes that do not have federal recognition are offering membership to thousands of illegal immigrants, claiming they can achieve legal status by joining the groups.

....Manuel Urbina, the [Kaweah Indian Nation ] tribe's high chief, acknowledged that his group has sold at least 10,000 tribal memberships to illegal immigrants for about $50 each. ...Immigration authorities, however, insist that becoming a tribe member gives no protection against being deported

Can you imagine being so vulnerable that non-casino-owning Native Americans consider you easy prey?

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