Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bonds Hits "American HR" #738

Proving that there is not a story in the world that can't be given a Mexico-centric angle, the local sportswriters would like to remind you that Barry Bonds hit homers #109, 230, 245, 261, 290, 304, 348, 355, 367, 385, 411, 625, 675, 684, 697, 739 and 742 off Mexican pitchers.

Mexico: Where giving up 17 runs is a point of national pride.

It seems to us that the anti-immigrant and anti-steroid crowds may be able to work together here, since the only person less popular than Mexicans is Barry Bonds. Why not pass a rule saying that, for record-keeping purposes, only Americans count? It is, after all, America's pastime! If we're willing to deny immigrants basic social services and emergency healthcare, surely we can purge them from the most sacred record in American sports. It won't keep Bonds off the juice, but it'll push #756 off until next season.

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