Thursday, August 09, 2007

Indeed, "Others" "May" Hate You...

With just 530 chances left to hear a rambling, slightly tipsy, post-impeachment farewell speech from the current president, we're looking back to August 9, 1974, and possibly the greatest speech ever given by an American president. The nervous laughter, the baffling non sequiturs, the bitterness disguised as magnanimity, the uneasy balance of self-aggrandizement and self-pity, the barbituate-fogged, silently mortified spouse, the flop-sweat - Dick Nixon shows ya how it's done! You can practically smell the Jim Beam on his breath.

What did Nixon in, of course, was having a vice-president who wasn't batshit insane, and could therefore be trusted with the keys to the White House. Ironically, President Ford's former chief of staff is, 33 years later, the biggest thing standing between Bush and a similar fate. Ah, the lessons of history!

Speaking of history, Nixon was right about at least one thing: not one ever did write a book about his mother. (Favorite Recipes of Hannah Nixon doesn't count.) In fact, her Wikipedia entry is only slightly longer than her tombstone.

(On the other hand, his father, rather than being a "little man," appears actually to have been normal-sized.)

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Anonymous said...

33 years ago, I didn't listen to him and now I just lost 22.01 min. of my life. But I have no doubt Dubya will equal that drivel when he leaves.