Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Isn't It Pretty to Think So?

Our former home-base of San Miguel has decided to cancel the annual Sanmiguelada , the town's version of the Running of the Bulls - though actually it's more of a Running of the Loud, Alcoholic Rich Kids from Mexico City. Business owners opposed to the cancellation argue that last year's festival attracted 50,000 people to the town, while those in favor point out that 50,000 people descended on the town during last year's festival.

Atención San Miguel took the pulse of the Man on the Street this week:

Patricio N., citizen - I am against it because of the drunks. San Miguel cannot stand 50,000 persons for four days, destroying and urinating in the streets. This is not an open bar. People get injured during the bull run and others die in car accidents.

Diego N., student - Our city has even [been] called a “public restroom” because of the event.

American 10-year resident - In the last two years they destroyed the town; they trampled all the plants and flowers. Where we live, someone rented a home to two women but 40 people stayed there. They were defecating right on our sidewalk; they were fornicating in the cars in front of our house.

I hate to see something like this disappear. Hopefully some of that joie de vivre will be transfered to the San Miguel Chamber Music Festival this week.

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Anonymous said...

Why not volunteer your town for the event? You could rent out your house to 50 people while you go to SanMiguel.