Friday, August 24, 2007


The water's undrinkable, the phones unreliable, a stiff breeze knocks out the power and they make sushi out of smoked fish and cooked vegetables but, praise God, Queretaro now has a Starbucks! It just opened yesterday (photo is from page one of today's paper). It's so new - so fresh, so delicious - it's not even listed on the Starbucks website. And according to some corporate flack, we'll have four by early next year! If you're looking for the sarcasm here, or think I ought to be outraged about this, you obviously haven't spent the past year in a city without a Starbucks.

(The only pain-in-the-ass downside is that it's located about a four mile drive from here, in an upscale shopping mall. The mall, by the way, is called "Liverpool" - because nothing says poshness and elegance to someone who's never been to Liverpool like "Liverpool." If anyone out there is thinking of creating a men's fragrance called "Gary, Indiana", call me. I'm sure I could move a lot of it here.)


Anonymous said...

Can you wash it down with a BigMac or does that require driving to San Miguel, which already has something called the Italian Coffee Company and a branch of Liverpool under construction.

Burro Hall said...

No. Here, the beverage is used to wash down the solid food. Big Macs are obtainable, though not within the city center (caution: those aren't pickles). Whoppers, too.

But just try finding a martini that's less than 20% vermouth.