Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mob Rules

I've never been much of a joiner, nor, for that matter, a law-and-order kind of guy. But when signs for a "neighborhood watch" started popping up on our street, I mean, how could I resist? About the only crime I've ever witnessed in this neighborhood was a woman wearing white pants after Labor Day, so it's not like I'd be putting myself in any kind of danger. But the perks! I was figuring there'd be at least a jacket, possibly a badge, involved, (okay, maybe a sash - I'm happy with any of the above) free reign to harass unfamiliar passers-by, conduct warantless searches, maybe even a little of that droit du seigneur action. "Vecinos Vigilantes" had me at "vigilantes"!

Okay, "vigilante" apparently means something different in Spanish. We had our second meeting last night and, like the first, it was was 90 minutes of grumpy people bitching about noisy local businesses. There's a definite feeling among the residents here - none of whom, it's clear to me now, have ever left the confines of central Querétaro - that there are more than enough bars and restaurants here, thank you very much, and the last thing we would ever need here is a new one opening up. There's a smaller subgroup crusading against public drunkeness and drug use, neither of which I have ever witnessed, but it'd require a Larry Craig level of hypocrisy for me to actively participate in that one. Nobody, but nobody, is addressing the critical issue of when I get my nightstick and sash. I'm giving it two more meetings.


Anonymous said...

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges.

Burro Hall said...

That's the second B Traven reference in comments in three days. What to make of this?

happy medium said...

Seriously you'd look great in some kind of beret.

And by the way, white after Labor Day is no longer a fashion don't. But if you are thinking of relying on me for further fashion info, you are in serious trouble.

Frank C. gave me your blog and I've been checking in. You haven't changed. Which is a good thing.

Burro Hall said...

Thanks... Who's this? No one who knows Frank C would describe themselves as 'happy'.

Anonymous said...

I am B Traven