Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Strike Out

In what we can only assume is now a multi-part, Pulitzer-bait investigative series, El Universal brings us its latest installment of "Mexico's Absurdly Peripheral Role in Baseball's Home Run Record." (Previous entries here and here): a three-page profile of Roberto Ramírez, of El Laurel, Veracruz, who played two seasons in the Majors, where the very first batter he faced on his very first day on the mound was (wait for it) Barry Bonds! And he struck him out! And then he did it again.

Shamefully, Ramírez never gave up a run to Barry Bonds, and thus played no role whatsoever in the breaking of Aaron's record.

Tomorrow, an eight-page pullout on Mexican players who never even faced Bonds.

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