Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Black Like He

Being Americans, we only care about race relations during the month of February, but it's occasionally fun to see it through the Mexican prism. Kelly Arthur Garrett (the gringos may recognize the name, as he used to write the Herald's Mexican edition more or less singlehandedly) decribes this subscription-only article in Nexos on Barack Obama who, as you may or may not know, is a black African-American Negro descended from Africans from Africa - the Dark Continent, where people are black.

In what he calls "a tale emerged from the African darkness," Moreno pens a brief introduction to Barack Obama, "the black senator who wants to be president." (The assumption is that not many Mexicans have heard of the man, which is not far from the truth, according to the pollsters.)

How many times do the words "black" and "Africa" appear in the brief article? More than two dozen. How many times is a Barack Obama political position mentioned? None.

I keep thinking of that scene in Borat where Alan Keyes is introduced as "A genuine makeup here!"

(Of course, while the gallery of recent Mexican Presidents looks about as white as a Promise Keepers meeting, Mexico did in fact have a blackish president way back in 1829. As you might expect, his term lasted just eight months, when he was executed and replaced by the very white and rather ironically-named José María Bocanegra ["Blackmouth"].)

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Anonymous said...

Many of mexican presidents had indian blood, but they asked to be portraited as white and european.