Sunday, September 09, 2007

Et tu, Cicero?

We're not sure why, but it suddenly occurred to us that we're already a month and a half into Mexican Basketball season, and have yet to see an ad for the Querétaro Cometas, who we had hoped to cheer on (and, once the coaches caught sight of our lanky six-foot frame, possibly join). So we go to the Liga Nacional de Baloncensto Profesional website and...hey, where the hell are the Cometas?

If you guessed Cicero, Illinois...well, we don't know what that says about you. Apparently, in the middle of the night, the Cometas signed themselves up with the American Basketball Association, hastily cut and pasted a "USA" onto their logo, crammed themselves into half a dozen VW Beetles and headed for the shores of Lake Michigan, leaving Querétaro basketball-less. The closest team we have now is the León Lechugueros, a word we can't find in any dictionary but which we gather means "Lettuce Growers" - we haven't decided if this is the coolest or the stupidest name in the history of professional sports, but we know for a fact that we're unimpressed with the cheerleaders...

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