Friday, September 28, 2007

[Insert "Trade" Pun Here]

Today is the US opening of Trade, a movie that illustrates what we've been saying for a long time (okay, not literally saying, but read between the lines): that if you're a female 21 years old or younger, and you set foot in Mexico - even for a day - you will be kidnapped into sexual slavery and auctioned for sale on the internet. (I mean, duh!) Frankly, if this thing succeeds in scaring away American college girls like the the band of vapid airheads that descended on Querétaro this summer, I'll personally treat the producers to one of the plump 16-year-olds in the trunk of my car.

"Trade" is based on a NYT Magazine article that had all the elements of a great Hollywood movie and few of the elements of, whatchamacallit...journalism, as our friend Daniel has spent years trying to explain. (Based on the early reviews, the film seems to have abandoned the great-Hollywood-movie elements, while keeping the article's journalistic core intact. You may want to wait for the Mexican pirate DVD version.)

The article did get one thing absolutely right: Mexican school girls dress exactly like this cover photo. Seriously, it's like Britney Spears's choreographer is the Secretary of Education or something.

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