Thursday, September 06, 2007

On the Road Again

Happy 50th birthday (yesterday) to On the Road! This is just one of a very long list of books I managed to get through college without reading (hey, anyone can get a degree in English if they read the books - I longed for a greater challenge) so I was, frankly, unaware that it's about two grossly irresponsible people who drive to Mexico absent any sort of direction or plan. Talk about the stuff of fiction! It's not available here in English, but thanks to Amazon's "Search Inside" function, I'm able to catch up a bit.

"Thassall!"" A Mexican official grinned. "You boys all set. Go ahead. Welcome Mehico. Have a good time. Watch you money. Watch you driving. I say this to you personal. I'm Red. Everybody call me Red. Ask for Red. Eat good. Don't worry. Eveything fine. Is not hard enjoin yourself in Mehico"

"Yes!" shuddered Dean and off we went across the street into Mexico on soft feet.

Well it's good to see Mexican Customs hasn't changed a bit, Daddy-O.

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