Saturday, September 01, 2007

Querétaro Viejo II: Electric Boogaloo

"Querétaro is a country town... The streets are full of ex-convents, rope and harness shops; straw is everywhere and a cattle show might be held at any minute."
    -- Sybille Bedford A Visit to Don Otavio, 1953

Templo del Carmen 1940:

Corner of Pasteur and 15 de Mayo, 1910:

The wall behind Templo de la Cruz, 1900. This hole is where Republican forces finally breached the city's defenses in 1867 and ended the Civil War. Interesting to note that in 1900 Querétaro was still a place visitors might approach wearing pith helmets. Note also that none of the stones in the wall today appear to have been there in 1900, which raises a metaphysical question: can we really still say (as the plaque does) that this is the hole?

Another rear view of Templo de la Cruz, 1940 (the hole above is on the left side of the photo.)

More to come... (Part I here.)

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Again, great pictures!