Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Querétaro Viejo III: Revenge of the Sith

Another batch of old-timey photos of downtown Querétaro...

Corner of Juarez and Madero, 1874:

Altamirano and 16 de Septiembre, 1890s. The little boy in the doorway grew up to become a soldier in Diaz's army, and was shot to death by Pancho Villa's men in Celaya. (Well, it could have happened.)

Avenida Zaragoza, 1905. The patch of trees on the left is the Alameda, which is where the exhibition of old photos is being held. The structure on the far right (completely hidden by the tree in the newer photo) is where they used to hold public executions. The plaque doesn't say when they stopped, so we'll assume 2003 until we hear otherwise.

Plaza de Armas 1900. If I'd been willing to hang around for a few hours, I certainly could have gotten Indian women peddling their goods in exactly the same spot.

This is probably the end for a while. There are a couple of pictures of the Aqueduct we could try to match, but it's just further than we feel like walking, to be honest. But if you're in town go check out the Alameda, since there are lot of others we didn't bother with - pictures taken from balconies or rooftops, etc. Maybe we'll post them on their own later on.

(See Part I and II.)

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