Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Rookie

At this very moment, Querétaro's young novillero bullfighter, Octavio García "El Payo" (seen here pondering a career in insurance), is making his debut at Las Ventas in Madrid, the (the analogy pains me) Yankee Stadium of bullfighting. Garcia is the first novillero from Querétaro to make it to "the show," as it were, and the papers have been building this up for months now. I can't think of any other athlete who's been under such crushing hometown pressure, except maybe that guy from England who keeps failing to win Wimbeldon.

Young nobody, raised in the cradle of liberty, getting a shot at the big time on Independence Day...this would make a great movie.

Update:Radio Querétaro is covering it live. Bullfighting on the radio, Jesus, this is even more boring than baseball on tv.

...And the kid's eatin' lighting and crappin' thunder! Just cut an ear. "Ain't gonna be no rematch."

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Anonymous said...

Score one for the poor, half dead, anemic bull!!!