Thursday, September 27, 2007

Señor Octubre

Here's a little something for Walt, Jim, and everyone else who makes fun of my fair-weather baseball fandom (I don't bother even paying attention until the playoffs, and then only if the Red Sox are still alive. Also, I still haven't figured out all the rules.) Still, me and the National Pastime go way back:

That's your correspondent at bat, his younger brother on the mound. The year was 1972.

And that was pretty much it for me and baseball.


Dan said...

Seriously, were our parents feeding us lead by the tablespoonful or what?

Burro Hall said...

It would explain a lot.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that if the two of you took a ball and bat out to the yard, you would still play the same way. It's good that you both work with your minds and not your athletic abilities.
Can you believe that film was shot 35 years ago?
Good times, good memories.


Burro Hall said...

Of course, I have no actual memory of this. I just viewed the film as a middle-aged man and discovered, "Jesus, I was a spaz."