Saturday, September 15, 2007

X-Treme Steam!!!

This is the sort of thing that breaks a purist's heart:

THE 34th annual Haddenham Steam Rally went without a hitch last weekend. More than 12,000 people came to the two-day event from as far afield as Dorset and Scarborough to see model tractors, steam engines and a heavy horse show.

Okay. So far, so good. But...

one of the highlights of the weekend was the Wall of Death, the first time motorbike stunt artists have performed at the event. Wall of Death involves motorbikes and a go kart whizzing round a circular track, set at a death-defying angle of almost 90 degrees.

Exactly what a old-fashioned steam rally needs, isn't it - "motorbike stunt artists"? There'll probably be giant inflatable Mountain Dew bottles at next year's event. But for now, rest assured that the Rally still retains some of its small-town charm:
While members of the steam rally committee were clearing up the morning after, a lady came looking for her young daughter's 'musical sunshine' toy. Organisers did not take the lady's name or number but would like the Ely Standard to let her know that the toy has been found. To arrange collection please call Denise Young on 01487 842771.

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