Tuesday, October 16, 2007


If you wanted to fly to Querétaro on an airline you'd heard of, and pay something less than $800 for the privilege, you've been pretty much of out of luck, since Continental had a monopoly by default. Until now. Well, until Jan 14, which is when Delta begins daily service to and from Atlanta. Here's a bit of the press release, written by someone who is obviously waiting for service to start before actually visiting here:

Located in Mexico’s central region, Queretaro offers more than 460 years of culture and tradition, and proudly boasts to be the cradle of Mexico’s Independence. The city’s “Teatro de la Republica” served as the stage where Mexico’s Constitution was signed in 1917. Just an hour from the Queretaro historical center, wine lovers and travelers alike can visit traditional haciendas, beautiful vineyards and wine houses to get a taste of Mexico’s best.

What, you're still sitting there?

Well setting aside for a minute the notion that Querétaro's "culture and tradition" only began in 1547 (which would certainly be news to these guys), oenophiles flying to Querétaro for the wine-tasting experience better be prepared to chug a lot of Freixenet, since that's about all we've got. (Indiscriminate alcoholics, on the other hand, will find a lot to like here.)

It's a little disappointing to see that "To celebrate the new service, Delta is offering a one-way special fare of $249," which would seem to mean that just the QRO-Atlanta leg will be 500 bucks round trip, plus whatever it costs you to get to Atlanta in the first place - and this is special offer. Still, perhaps there'll be a little price-war action in the future.

Looks like my aunt retired as a Delta flight attendant a couple of years too early.

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Anonymous said...

There are other wine makers in the state, but Freixenet is the most famous, is the largest in the state and has teh biggest cava in latin america.

The other are more traditional and family owned and managed. I visited the "La Redonda" Hacienda, they had a vintage party too.