Saturday, October 06, 2007

"All I Wanted Was a Pepsi!"

If it often seems like we know next to nothing about the place we've lived in for almost a year, it's partly because reliable information of any sort is almost impossible to come by, least of all via newspapers or television. Take today's "A.M." newspaper, for example [sorry, no links]. A headline blares that the State of Querétaro Has 500,000 Youths With Addictions. Holy shit, we thought. New York doesn't have that many screwed-up kids. That's just a staggering number.

Especially since the state's entire population is 1.6 million.

Sure enough, the article quotes the priest who runs the Diocese's Youth Organization, who says the state, "which has almost half a million youths", leads the nation in drug addiction and alcoholism at the high-school level. (Evidence for the latter claim is either not offered or, more likely, not reported.) Nowhere does the article say how many of those half-million kids are dope fiends, but some bright bulb on the copy desk figured "every last one of them" felt about right, and set it into a two-line headline. Poor kids, no wonder they're so alienated.

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Anonymous said...

Reporter must have worked for thr Swampscott Reported in a former life!