Friday, October 26, 2007

Boston: 2 - Colorado: 1

Next stop, Colorado.

RICK SANCHEZ (CNN): Tom Tancredo, before we go to the break, I want to get your quick take on this, 30 seconds. Good idea, only in English all the time, yes or no?
TOM TANCREDO (R-Batshit Crazy): Absolutely, English only all the time.
SANCHEZ: What about you, Miguel Perez, when you look at something like this?
MIGUEL PEREZ (Syndicated columnist): We would have to change the name of the congressman’s state. It would have — he’s from "Colorado." We would have to call it "Red."
SANCHEZ: Interesting point.
TANCREDO: It’s English. English is Colorado.

No, Tom, English is ingles. Red is colorado.

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