Friday, October 05, 2007

Cleveland silenced the log to him

One of the desk assistants from our Port Washington Bureau phoned in earlier demanding to know why we weren't covering Cleveland's victory over the Yanks last night. Lots of reasons, really, but mostly because we were unaware Ohio had a second baseball team. But because we aim to serve our readers, here is Google's translation of El Universal's write up:

They Offer Ruthless Beating to the Yankees

CLEVELAND (AP) - C.C. Sabathia was not afraid after allowing a controversial home run, in hardly his fifth launching, and the Indians of Cleveland reappeared in postemporada after a six years of absence, offering to him beating 12-3 to the Yankees of New York in the first game of the series of playoffs of American Liga.

C.C. Sabathia, that had record of 1-7 with 7,13 of average in clean races in its race against the Yankees, hardly allowed three annotations during five entrances, to credit the victory, that it advances to the Indians in the Divisional Series of American Liga.

The Venezuelans Victor Martinez and Asdrúbal Goatherd connected two of the four home runs that the offensive of the Indians unloaded against the Bombers of the Bronx.

Alex Rodriguez? Well, thanks. The antesalista of the Yankees follows without shining in the postemporada one. Sabathia and three relevistas of Cleveland silenced the log to him to the great favorite to take the prize to the Most valuable Player.

The inexperience in playoffs of the Indians nor noticed.

Martinez, making debut in postemporada, connected one vuelacercas that produced two races and the inexperienced Goatherd added one solitaire Chien Ming-Wang as opposed to. Travis Hafner and Ryan Garko also flew close by Indians who during the regular season were sweepings 6-0 in their series with the Yankees of New York.

Kenny Lofton, one of the little players of Cleveland with experience in October, impelled four races and Casey Blake chartered a pair before a multitude of fanatics that did not enjoy a game playoff from the 2001 in Jacobs Field.

Some of those fanatics booed to LeBron James, star of the Cavaliers of Cleveland of NBA, that appeared with a cap of the Yankees, since he is following of the equipment. Had it to clear around before the incessant choir of people to his.

I love this game!

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