Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fast Times

The Carrera came though town today, though as far as I could tell not by the route it was supposed to, so I didn't actually see any of the race until everyone was parked at the finish line in Jardin Zenia. I haven't spoken to my erstwhile 2008 co-pilot yet, but I believe he spent much of the night designing a "period-correct graphics scheme," because, y'know, first things first. Meanwhile, I've been keeping up with the various race blogs:

There where some major accidents today including some that injured some locals. During the crash several other race cars where wrecked as well. If you injure anyone while in Mexico during a transit stage they put you in jail... no if's and's or buts, that's the law. So now a Brit sits in jail and will probably stay there.

Today we ran some very dangerous roads mostly along cliffs again. My first two runs where far from spectacular however the rest were stellar and now I have moved up into 16th overall out of the hundred that started. Today a Corvette that was right in front of me lost control and crashed of the road over a hillside and the car burnt so bad there was only a frame left. Most people could not even tell that it was a car let alone a Corvette.

Well alrighty, then! This, it's worth pointing out, all occurred on only the second day of the race. (Also, I must make a mental note to myself that if I'm ever down in Tehuacan anytime in the next 50 years, I should go visit that British driver in jail.)

There's also a very cool - if not entirely accurate - GPS map that tracks the various cars. (If you happen to be reading this Sunday night, you can see that they stuck all the drivers at a couple of pretty out-of-the-way hotels. Whaddaya expect for a $5,000 entry fee?)

And in chicks-sporting news, the all high-heels sprint was held in downtown Mexico City today - apparently in a part of the city not closed for the auto rally. I could go through the trouble of finding out the winner's name for you, but you don't really care, do you? I didn't think so.


Gary Faules said...

Just stopped in to say hi. Enjoyed your blog and especially the quote about the wreck and all the excitment. After all I am the one who wrote it. The La Carrera Panamericana was one hell of an adventure. Out of the top 100 team in the world I finished 8th overall.

Best regards, Gary Faules

Burro Hall said...

Thank god you're alive! We were worried.

Slow down on your way through Queretaro next time, and we'll pass you a beer.