Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally, A Legitimate Victory

The results are in. In the race for Most Popular Mexican Political Halloween Costume, the winner - by a mile - is Burro Hall's Sportsman of the Year, Roberto "Speedy" Madrazo, who beat out Vincente Fox, Manuel Lopez Obrador, and perennial favorite Carlos Salinas - all of whom have, not surprisingly, demanded a careful review of the sales records, to be done under the auspices of the Carter Center. The rubber mask, numbered t-shirt and shorts will set you back just $35, though for the sake of authenticity we recommend you just steal the thing. If anyone says anything, blame your political opponents.


Anonymous said...

New York, measure of the world's morality, has dropped Madrazo from the entries in the NY Marathon. He would have taken the subway, anyway. bln

Burro Hall said...

I don't think he was entered, but even so - the fastest way to get from Staten Island to Central Park is actually to run the marathon.