Sunday, October 07, 2007

God Save Our Precious Queen

Just to keep you update on the bikini contest front, a new Miss Mexico has just been crowned: Guanajuato's Elisa Nájera Gualito, a statuesque 21-year-old who will either be anchoring the evening news or appearing in Mexican Playboy four or five years from now. (In Latin America, these two goals are not incompatable.)

As you can see from the group photo below, the entire range of Mexican notions of beauty were on display, from tall and thin with long, black, straight hair, to tall and thin with long, black, slightly wavy hair. Pity the poor judges who had to decide a winner!

At far left is our Miss Querétaro, Adriana "Do these slacks make my ass look huge, or what?" Monroy, who finished well out of the running. Politics.

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