Monday, October 08, 2007

I Don't Care How Many Dago, Guinea, Wop, Greaseball Goombahs Come Out of the Woodwork!

You probably won't be surprised to learn that Columbus Day isn't a big holiday down here - though if it were, it'd probably be called "Arrival of Smallpox Day." That's not to say that today isn't worth commemorating, of course:

[On Columbus Day] 1992, moreover, the Zapatistas made their first, sensational public appearance. During a celebration in San Cristobal commemorating 500 years of popular resistance, thousands of peasants, armed with bows and arrows, suddenly appeared out of the crowd. Marching in military formation, they advanced to the central plaza where they toppled and smashed the statue of the conquistador Diego de Mazariegos, symbol of white domination. For some, this was an important psychological turning point, crystallizing what many already felt: that violence was the only way to achieve Indian demands.

In the US, we just celebrate with some unhygienic sausages left over from the San Gennaro Festival.

A couple month ago I started prattling on about the Zapatista documentary, but got distracted by something else (probably early-onset dementia). If you've got a fast connection, you can watch it here. I'll bore you with my thoughts about it all later. Happy Smallpox Day!

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