Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Harder Than Your Husband (To Get Along With)

Until the Swedish Academy decides to bestow a Nobel Prize for Living With Me, it will continue to be a literally thankless job. This is why the Missus took off this morning for a week-long "girls' night out" south of the border. Around here, of course, "south of the border" means Guatemala. When Americans think of heading "south of the border" for some fun in Mexico, certain decadent images spring to mind: kidnappings, cockfights, donkey shows, five-buck hookers, prepubescent pickpockets, bribing your way out of jail, etc. That's kind of how Mexico looks at Guatemala - Tijuana on steroids. For example, Mexico's last big political assassination took place in Tijuana more than 13 years ago. Guatemala has so far had fifty...this year.

Put another way: it ain't called "Guatebuena," now is it? And yet it beats spending a week with me. We'll be posting occasional tidbits from south of south of the border all week.

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