Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It Ain't Me, Babe

One last Che note. For years people have been trying to make comparisons between Che and Subcomandante Marcos - depending on the writer's politics, this is either supposed to be flattering or vilifying. But Marcos, who has certainly done his part for the t-shirt industry, often side-by-side with Guevara, not only rejected the comparison when we asked him about it, but actually seemed shocked by the question.

QUESTION: In some of the writings about you from abroad, you are described as, quote, "Mexico's Che Guevara." Do you see yourself in that same vein?

MARCOS: No. [To translator: Is he asking if I am like the Che Guevara of Mexico?] No, no way! [Laughs] No way! I mean, Che Guevara was a rare class of human being. A class of human being that have one focus, and this focus is to make justice for the people. And he [gave] his life in this way. But he think that the way was to take the government. Take the power.

And we are in the other way. We are thinking that there -- the solution of our world, there is no one person, one leader, one organization, neither one country. But all the people. Each one in his place respecting, one to the other.

And maybe for some people, they are looking for some [similarities] between Che Guevara and Marcos, but besides the asthma, there is no more.

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