Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's Our Honor, Your Honor

We haven't quite figured out local politics here - partly because it's kind of confusing to an outsider, but mostly because the local press is so unbelieveably shitty that it's impossible to learn anything of value from it. Querétaro is basically a one-party state (PAN), and while there are about a half a dozen daily papers here, the range of opinion is about as wide as I imagine you would find in, say, North Korea. Sunday was the new mayor's first "State of the City" address, during which he said something like "we're going to keep doing great works." So yesterday's papers all ran headlines to the effect of "Great Works to Continue Indefinitely." A.M., the one we usually read because it has better pictures, broke with the pack and lead with the mayor's pro-forma thank-you to the governor: "Mayor Grateful for Governor's Continued Support," and then, further down the page, "We'll Keep Working." There was an 8-page insert - labeled as a "Special Section," not as a "Paid Advertisement" - laying out all the fantastic things "MANUEL" (that'd be the mayor) has done in just one short year.

Not that the're afraid to ask the tough questions, mind you. Saturday's paper ran a lengthy Q&A with Mayor Manuel [Gonzales Valle..."MGV" for short] in which we learn (we are not making this up) that his favorite color is blue, he prefers chocolate ice cream to strawberry, he would give Oscars to Robert DeNiro, Cate Blanchette, Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino, he's not afraid of death, nor to admit that his favorite country is Mexico. We're hoping these great works continue indefinitely.


Anonymous said...

It appears that he has that Giuliani forehead, and I would keep that in mind for futures.

Anonymous said...

Try Rotativo.com.mx is a internet only newspaper of Queretaro, "Diario de Queretaro" is known for being supporter of PRI so they should have some different opinion