Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's a Mixed Up Muddled Up Shook Up World

Last week we mentioned a bit of the hagiographic coverage of the Mayor or Querétaro (and don't get us started on the Governor.) So we were surprised to see this front-page bombshell about his wife, Laura "Lola" Garcia de Gonzalez Valle, in today's paper: "Laura Currently a Woman" (actual doesn't mean "actual," but "Laura Actually a Woman" would frankly be even weirder, don't you think?)

The accompanying article doesn't make clear whether the First Lady was a man, or if she's planning to become one in the future. Judging from the pancake makeup, we're guessing that she's "actually" still a man, but in the middle of a lengthy series of treatments. For a town that's about as freewheelin' as Singapore, it's pleasantly surprising to learn that the mayor is proudly sleeping with a she-male. We'll keep you posted as this develops, so to speak.

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Anonymous said...

The correct translation would be "Laura a contemporary woman"