Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lone Vigilante Seeks Same

The MexFiles has dug up this helpful state-by-state guide to vigilante border-watch groups. Just for the hell of it I thought I'd click through and gaze with pride at the empty space under "Massachusetts," only to discover that there are actually two posses dedicated to keeping the Bay State wetback-free:

    Greater Boston Minuteman Project
    Contact: Cyndi Ross

    The New England Minuteman Association
    Director: Jeffrey Buck
    Phone: (508) 380-9784

At first I assumed this was a misunderstanding - after all, it is Massachusetts, but no, they're with the crazies.

We hope to be up there over Thanksgiving to explore this further in person, but for now let's just review quickly:

I suppose the reason there are two groups is so that Cyndi and Jeff can keep each other company when they're on patrol?


Anonymous said...

Probably they think Massachusets has a border with mexico.

Anonymous said...

Just like the guys in Atlanta tha doesn't know where the US are