Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monopoly Money

Here's an investigation that should take about five minutes to wrap up. Why do I have a feeling it will be as conclusive as OJ's hunt for the "real killers"?

Mexico's antitrust chief said regulators will reopen an investigation of billionaire Carlos Slim's telephone companies, Telefonos de Mexico SAB and America Movil SAB, within about three weeks.

Eduardo Perez Motta, president of the Federal Competition Commission, made the comment today during a speech in Mexico City. In July, he said the inquiry will determine whether Telefonos de Mexico [Telmex] and America Movil have monopolies in some regions, forcing regulators to create new rules to encourage competition.

Mexican regulators are renewing attempts to rein in Slim's dominance in telecommunications more than 16 years after he bought a former phone monopoly from the government. Telmex owns about 90 percent of Mexico's fixed telephone lines. America Movil's Telcel unit has 77 percent of wireless subscribers in the country.

And because everyone has a blog now, meet your new Richest Human Ever, Carlos Slim. I'm sure you'll each have your own favorite "management principle," but for my money it's:
"Create an organizational structure with simple, minimal hierarchies; provide personal development and in-house training for executives; maintain flexibility and a rapid decision-making capability; leverage the advantages of a small company and use these to grow and excel."

Seriously, have truer words ever been spoken?

Update: Apparently, Indian industrialist Mukesh Ambani is the new Richest Man in the World. So go ahead, "create an organizational structure with simple, minimal hierarchies," if you think second best is good enough. Losers.

Another Update: As you can see, there's some confusion over exactly who is the world's most loathsome plutocrat at the moment. Basically, an Indian, a Mexican and Bill Gates are all in contention. Thomas Friedman's next column just wrote itself.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the richest people are not all white. Its about time some "colored" people got their hands on some bling.

Burro Hall said...

Absolutely. I mean, you never see non-white people flashing the bling.