Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On With the Body Count

In case you're scoring along at home, the number of narco-related deaths in Mexico this year has just surpassed 2000, which is a record of some kind. About two weeks ago I noticed the body count was around 1950, and made a mental note to check again soon to see if it hit 2K. Since then, it's managed to shoot up to almost 2,300. Obviously, someone has decided to settle all family business this month.

But in keeping with my new glass-half-full worldview, we'll just note that, so far this year, 99.998% of the Mexican population has not perished in drug-related slayings. I gotta say, I like those odds.

Update: According to the Mexican Health Dept., 8,000 (!) Mexican children die every year from malnutrition. (Though they caution that the number is probably much higher since there's considerable overlap between "Kids Most Likely to Die of Malnutrition" and "Kids Least Likely to Ever See Someone from the Health Dept.") Now admittedly, the little ragamuffins don't go out quite as entertainingly as those grown-up narcotrafficantes, but it would be nice if their deaths generated even a fraction of the attention.


Anonymous said...

Are you purposely posting all these depressing blogs to make us change our minds about coming down there to visit?


Burro Hall said...

Nah, don't worry - part of the reason there's so much infant malnutrition is that most of the good food is here in Queretaro. And no one would kill you for the crappy drugs in this town.