Monday, October 29, 2007

Risqué Business

In an effort to learn a little more about the business climate here - we are, after all "Appliancemaker to the World!" - I picked up a copy of the local business magazine, Cambio. It reminded me of just about every local business or trade magazine I've read, which is to say a 48-page exercise in mediocrity, a compendium of conflicts-of-interest - mostly fawning articles about potential advertisers and the local pols who give them tax breaks. But again, nothing you could find 100 times over on an American newsstand.

And then there's the centerfold. Tasteful, sure, but still somewhat jarring between an article on the local law school and the mayor's state of the city address. I don't recall this being standard fare in American trade mags (unless you're counting Easyriders as a trade magazine.) And there's nothing to explain who she is - vice-president for human resources at Bombardier, perhaps? Anyway, I think I've now learned all I need to know about the business climate here.

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