Saturday, October 20, 2007

She's, Like, So Whatever

The MTV Latino Music Awards - or, as we refer to them back home, "Shakira and 50 acts you've never heard of" - were this week, leading to another outbreak of Mexican nationalism. "Mexicans Triumph!" scream the headlines. It's like saying "Americans Dominate World Series!" or "'Special' Kids Sweep Special Olympics!" We all like to win, but c'mon.

Even MTV Latino seems to understand the limitations of Latino pop and rock, though, which would help explain why "Song of the Year" went to the blond, English-speaking Canadian Avril Lavigne, for "Girlfriend." Magnificently, this being Latin America, she was able to deliver lyrics like, "hell yeah, I'm the motherfuckin' princess!" live and uncensored in prime time, for an audience consisting mostly of children. (-3:01)

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