Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Try To Run, Try To Hide

The Doors are coming to Querétaro. I assumed this means an all-new lineup, supported by some of the same roadies who worked the Morrison Hotel tour but, in fact, of the three Doors who aren't dead (none of whom are the one featured on the posters going up around town, of course), two of them will be in this little town October 27. Which begs an obvious question:

Just what in the hell does John Densmore have to do that's more important than touring the world with the Doors? Seriously, dude, where do you get the balls? I had to check wikipedia just to make sure you were still alive.

Anyway, back when they were a quartet, the band made a somewhat less than triumphant tour of Mexico:

Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors say authorities prevented them from holding an outdoor concert in 1969, at the beginning of what many call a 20-year de facto ban on rock concerts in Mexico.

Speaking in Mexico City before a planned concert Tuesday at the National Auditorium, the musicians discussed government repression against young people and their music in the years following the Oct. 2, 1968, massacre of student protesters by government troops in the capital's Tlatelolco square.

"The powers that be said, 'No way are we going to let 60,000 hippies in the Plaza de Toros,'" the bullring where The Doors were scheduled to perform in 1969, Manzarek said. "We were very unhappy about not being able to play for the students."

Manzarek, 68, said the band ended up performing at an upscale private dinner club, where people ate steaks as frontman Jim Morrison crooned songs such as "The End," which includes lyrics about incest and parricide.

It's hard to imagine why that's not universally considered the greatest rock 'n roll show ever. Incidentally, the man who taught Mexico how to rock again?...

Authorities began to relax the policy in 1989 when Rod Stewart performed.

Update:Ah. Densmore has nothing better to do...he just loathes Ray Mazarek. Fair enough.

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Anonymous said...

And that 1989 concert was here in Queretaro too

That concert marked the return of international concerts.